Caoimhe shares their experience on what it is like to be genderfluid

Hey I’m Caoimhe and I’m genderfluid. Maybe some of you have never heard of the term “genderfluid” or maybe you have and aren’t sure of what it means. Gender fluid is a gender identity that refers to a gender which varies over time. So basically some days I identify as male or female, or in-between.

I was assigned female at birth but have never felt I lived up to that. I never felt completely “feminine”. I knew I wasn’t lesbian, or bisexual. I knew I didn’t want to completely change my “gender” to the opposite gender I was assigned to at birth. I was something in between, but what that something was I didn’t understand. It wasn’t until I was researching into different gender identities and that’s when it clicked. I’m genderfluid!

When I was growing up, I always made friends easier with boys and was more interested in ‘boys’ things (like cars, trucks, etc.). I still made female friends; it was just weird to talk about girly things with them.

I haven’t “come out” to many people, especially to my family. They don’t quite understand it all and I’m also slowly learning to accept myself for who I am and what I am. Gender isn’t black and white. It is difficult for people to understand this terminology. I get it doesn’t make a lot of sense to people. But once you’re comfortable in your own skin, be proud of yourself!


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